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About  Lisa J

Born and raised in a small town in Massachusetts, I was always with pencil and paper, spending most of my childhood, in my room, sketching for hours. It was my first love and something I could go to that made me feel wonderful, regardless of what was happening around me, it was my therapy.

 I just knew how to draw and liked being self-taught. Learning techniques, tools, different mediums -- all by just practicing and experimenting on my own gave me a great feeling of pride. Day and night, sometimes for days as a child I would sketch. Being alone a lot, I would watch movies and draw from the passion I felt from cinema. I would watch the actors and scenes, learn movement, emotion, lighting and the rawness of texture, expression and the absolute beauty of what was portrayed in every film. Needless to say, I became and remain a movie buff as well!

Dubbed "Class Artist" throughout school, I knew that was my path, although my Mom always said I should be a comedian. Although, I knew as a child I wanted to be an artist someday, but honestly, didn't know if you could do that as a career.... haha! Also having an interest in computers, medicine and literature, which I did pursue in my own way as well, my resume was also labeled a "Jill of All Trades" by employers. Still, even though I decided to go to college for Graphic Design briefly, it didn't grab me at all and yearned for something else. 

Shortly after, I became a hard-working single girl in a big city, working three jobs as a waitress, bartender and a model-- transitioning into managment eventually. Restaurant management and food review (former journalist for online newspaper), became my second love. I lived and breathed restaurant life, and enjoyed every moment of it. At night, I started sketching menu items in my free time, learning and appreciating food and beverage more and more. 

Years passed, I became a mother of three daughters and still have been chasing that dream of mine. Between naptimes, pregnancy, working day jobs, even going back to school -- I still found the time to draw. Talent needs to be nurtured, and I reminded myself what was in my heart since day one.

Well, today I can proudly say that my life is full of love and contentment, my artwork has been recognized and it's continuing to gain momentum in the field. I have won multiple awards, honorable mentions and worked with many BIG names in business and entertainment as well. I am able to focus solely on my artwork now and look forward to the bright future ahead, regardless of how far I get -- the knowledge of knowing I never gave up on my dream is enough for me, while showing my children the fabulous world of art.

Please keep following my work and my social media accounts for future showings, pieces and updates. I appreciate all of my fans support, and love hearing from all of you, thank you for reading!

*Lisa J lives in a small town in Massachusetts with her family. She works locally and nationally thus far, please contact her on her contact page. Thank you!


  •  TRHS Representative for the state in Graphic Design, Senior Year, met with Former Governor Cellucci.
  •  Worked with The Hanover Theater of Worcester, Massachusetts as Set Designer for The Nutcracker (Ballet).
  •  Telegram & Gazette Feature,  front page Living Section article "Making the Scene" with Lisa J, 2009.
  •  Pernod Ricard Chalkboard Artist
  •  Illustrated published books, 2017, 2018.
  •  Gallery Shows in Southbridge, Worcester, Springfield MA. 
  •  Owner of Bird & Beans Art Cart, teaching youth art. 
  •  Awards for hyperrealism art, food illustration (2) 2018 (MED)
  •  Creates and works with various local businesses; design concepts, artwork, chalkboard art. (Commercial, Hospitality, Entertainment and Restaurants). (Logos of local clientele coming soon)